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March 21, 2020
by jacob22sw

Egyptian Picture Writing


Bast sat in his little hut in the Upper Egypt dessert where he lived. He knew he was old and would pass away soon.

      “Heaven is where good people go right?” said Donkor the youngest grandchild.

      “Bast!” yelled Aten his oldest son (which means light of the sun).

      “What!” Bast quietly said back. “I traded some papyrus for some jewels today!”

      “What are you going to do with it?” Bast asked.

      “I don’t know yet!” Aten answered. 

     “If you sell how much will you sell it for?” Bast asked again.

     “I’m not sure yet!” shouted Aten sounding frustrated.

Then there was a long pause until Donkor said “can we go outside?” 

Bast said “Fine we can go outside.”

     “Yay” shouted Donkor.

So they all went outside and walked to the Nile.

     “Let’s bring some water home” said Aten

     “Ok” answered Bast

So Bast got down on his knees and then ‘Whoosh’ a big wind blew and Bast couldn’t keep balance and fell into the waters below. 

When he opened his eyes he saw a scale. Could this be the feather weighing. Then he heard a loud voice. 

     “You must be Bast the one who has just fallen into the water. I am Anubis God of death.”

     “Hi” said Bast in a quiet voice.

     “Shall we get to it?” Anubis asked and then two of Anubis’s helpers came out one with a feather and one with a jar.

Bast thought the jar was his soul. 

     “Alright put the feather on!” yelled Anubis.

 The helper with the feather put it on the left side of the scale. And it tipped a little to the left.

Bast knew that the feather had to be lighter than the soul. 

     Next Anubis shouted “put the soul on” and the other person put the jar on the scale. 

     Surprisingly the scale didn’t move than Bast heard someone say “congratulations Bast you are going to heaven. 

Bast was thrilled. Then he saw a door appear in front of him that said Stairs to heaven. He walked through and then saw heaven for the first time.


May 3, 2019
by jacob22sw

Week 8 blogging challenge (Peak)

In my reading class we are reading the book Peak by Roland Smith. Peak is about a boy who loves climbing but lives in New York City and can only climb illegally. At the beginning of the book he gets caught climbing and is supposed to have 3 years of Prison when he is 18. He went to court and luckily didn’t have to. Instead he had to go to Thailand with his dad but he didn’t know why. He almost missed his flight and when he is there he finds out he is going to Mount Everest. He was very happy.

April 30, 2019
by jacob22sw

Week 8 blog post

I researched Yemen for a project at school so I am going to tell you about it. Yemen is a country in southwest Asia and the 49th largest country in the world. They are mostly Muslim and have Muslim celebrations. The capital of Yemen “Sana’a” is one of the highest countries in the world at 7500 feet. Say what your favorite country is in the comments

April 5, 2019
by jacob22sw

Week 5 blogging challenge.

Hi my name is Jacob and I go to a private school in eastern Pennsylvania. My school has Specials like Engineering and Design, Art, Spanish. This is my locker. This is the first year we get lockers at my school. Our classroom is to next to my locker and I enjoy doing Math. My school is pretty cool and I hope yours is too.

March 10, 2019
by jacob22sw

Blogging Challenge Intro Post

My class read When the sea turned to silver, and now we are reading the heart of a samurai. The reason we read books on east Asia is because we are learning about it in social studies. Last book was in China and this one is in Japan. I hope you keep visiting my blog! You can learn more about me on my “About” page.


January 28, 2019
by jacob22sw

The story of the stolen bite of peach

The emperor became friends with the queen mother.

The queen mother gives the emperor a peach that will give him 999 extra years to live.

When the peach is being served someone snatches it.

The person got caught but he took a bite of the peach.

He got  taken away by the guards and the emperor says that the peach can not protect him from execution.n

The emperor died later even though he ate the rest of the peach.



January 15, 2019
by jacob22sw

The story of three painted tigers eyes

Girl becomes friends with a dragon.

Dragon tells girl that in her future when the tiger statue’s eyes turn red the city is going be destroyed.

Girl tries to warn people in her city but they don’t believe her.

The city colapses and the girl is still sad because her family was there.

When the girl comes back she finds that some of her family is alive.

The woman moves to the mountain.


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